Friday, May 22, 2009

How do i solve this problem?

Lately, my bro n i went to buy a new anti-virus.
after think in deeply, we decided to choose
Kaspersky Internet Security
(right hand side in d picture)
as our anti-virus. it was bcoz we used internet
in our home and at d same time, it can
detect d virus from other website.

Unfortunately, i got some problem by entering
my blog and also other's blog.
i dunno what kind of the problem (website)
that affected my blog.
~then, i realized that it was because of the
FEEDJIT that I put in to my blog~
after removed, so I can enter my blog without any
problem just like b4~
So, my question is...........
what can I do if i want to enter other's blog without
this kind of problem?
~even the blog that I cannot enter!~
My Knowledge in IT is very very weak! =(
Help me a.s.a.p!!!
sorry for d broken English =)

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