Thursday, April 30, 2009

.New Blogger of Mine.

1st of all, i would like 2 say "A million of sorry" 2 all my BLOGGER frens..
bukan dh ilang minat dgn account yg lama..
tp ada masalah FONT..
no icon for colour, font....

that's y wana punyaa blog xcun mcm org len.. )= sgt sedey maaaa....
kena gak open new BLOG.. huhuhu...
of course, afta this, kena pk citer baru n best2 sket.. xd laaa org bosan nk baca kan..??
pasni, hopefully leh cakap mcm2 n luah mcm2 kat blog...
wana jd xbest nk b'blogger bcoz of this prob...
nak make sure my blog more colourful n more interesting n can attract all my frens 2 read all my stories in this blog as always as they can..
hik3.. =)
Selamat BERBLOG tuk wana....!!!

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